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A family fitness plan

Parents and kids should train together, to stick together for the whole race, writes Melinda Ham.

Part of the beauty of The Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac is that it’s a totally inclusive event; open to anyone of any age from pre-school to pensioners, at any level of fitness or mobility. Wheelchairs and prams are encouraged.


You can walk it, jog it, push someone else along, run for charity, aim for a personal best – alone or with friends and family in tow.

Karen Pyke, owner of Booty Camp, a national chain of women’s fitness boot camps, says training with your family for the City2Surf is a fun way to get fit with a shared goal in mind. “It’s something families can do together. It’s certainly not unachievable. The first thing is to create a training plan. Don’t keep putting it off,” she says.

Fitness-Find the best trampoline to bounce

“Sit down with everyone and look at your weekly schedules and see how you can incorporate training after school and work on evenings or weekends. Be realistic, otherwise it won’t happen, I know we are all crazy busy,” she says. “Any other sports that family members play count as fitness training too, like basketball, soccer or AFL practice or even going on a bike or bouncing on a trampoline.Kids like trampoline,we find the best trampoline reviews and choose safe trampoline for family”


Pyke says the aim should be to set aside at least one longer training session a week to train together as a family.

Find routes to walk or jog around the neighbourhood, a nearby park or sports oval. Include a longer run that you keep increasing in length and also practice interval training by running fast across the oval and slow back or between other landmarks along the way. “Have fun competitions. Race against your kids and get them to race against each other. Motivate each other,” Pyke says. (more…)

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Minneapolis/St. Paul: America’s healthiest cities for teens

Believe it or not, where you live affects your health. Whether you hang your hat in an urban high-rise, a farmhouse on the plains, or a suburban raised ranch somewhere between the two, your hometown plays a big part in your overall well-being. For better or worse, a variety of factors–from air quality and open space to health services and crime–affect you personally.

Current Health set out to identify the 10 healthiest cities for teens in the United States. We compared statistics from 20 medium- and large-sized cities in three general categories: environmental factors, health services, and lifestyle choices (see “And the Winners Are …”). The findings may surprise you.


Behind the Rankings

First CH examined the physical environment of each locale. If your city ranked high, you can breathe easy. None of our top choices were on the American Lung Association’s 2004 list of most polluted cities. Los Angeles leads the country in both smog and particle pollution-microscopic emissions from power plants, diesel engines, and other sources. Honolulu rates the cleanest air. However, each of our top 10 cities has acceptable or improving air quality, according to studies by the Foundation for Clean Air Progress.

Eight of our 10 cities have been singled out as great places either to walk (says the American Podiatric Medical Association) or run (according to Runner’s World magazine). New York, Honolulu, and San Francisco made both lists. “New York is a place where you walk around a lot,” agrees 15-year-old resident Charles. “Nobody in their right mind has a car in New York.” And San Francisco’s topography makes for scenic strolls. “There are so many hills!” says 18-year-old resident Jessica. “We all do a lot of walking. Since I’ve gotten my driver’s license, I do less–although I did go to Golden Gate Park to do pedal-boating recently,” she adds.

Local communities manage environmental issues in different ways. Six of our locales made the grade as top U.S. “green cities,” according to the Green Guide Institute, an environmental news service. Green cities get a thumbs-up for using renewable energy sources such as solar power and for employing building practices that produce less waste and preserve the environment.


Tips On Buying CrossFit Equipment for Your Home Gym

CrossFit Workout of the Days and exercises are very popular among gym members. CrossFit provides you many benefits such as it help you to lose weight, build muscles and enhance your stamina. CrossFit workouts are very intense and time efficient. You can click for more information about CrossFit exercises.

For several benefits of this program, you may want to take on this. And the first step of all is
purchasing all the equipment you need for Crossfit. You may want to buy high-quality products like best knee sleeves to enhance your experience in the gym. However, for some reasons, like time or budget, you may want to practice Crossfit at home. There are several items that you should buy to fully experience Crossfit exercises at home. Luckily, the list of necessary equipment is neither long nor expensive.

Here is a list of what you should buy for doing CrossFit at home:

  1. Weightlifting Barbells
  • It is important to purchase barbells which are durable and will not bend under any circumstances. The sleeve should not be a rattle or rusty. Also, it is recommended to look for bar with a tensile strength of 150,000 PSI
  • There is a wide range in price of barbells. Remember that barbells will be used often so opt for high-quality ones. You‘d better purchase a pair of good second-hand barbells than buying low cost one.
  • Men’s barbells are usually 20 kg and women’s barbells are 15 kg. Women’s bars are slightly thinner too. Before purchasing, try grasping the bars with your hands to see if they fit. Also, ask for your personal trainer’s advice before you choose weight.

  1. Bumper Plates
  • An ideal pair of bumper plates is sturdy and has hand grips on top for you to take on and off more easily.
  • There are various types of plates such as iron plates and modern rubber plates. Do not mix them together; just simply buy a plate set. The material and sizes of bumper plates on the bar should be consistent with each other in order for you to perform Crossfit Workouts effectively.


Four Tips to choose the right shoe

Major convenience

Often when buying shoes, we draw attention to the appearance, not mainly thinking about how easily will carry on. But poor quality shoes can bring a lot of trouble their hosts, and this applies not only to repair, but different diseases been. The main rules when buying clothes that part will not save and abandon the beautiful but comfortable shoes. There are also best shoes for plantar fasciitis for the best comfort.

Choosing a time to shop, it is not necessary morning kaizen.We all know that in the course of the day little-swollen feet, and acquisition in the morning, do not risk buying too tight shoes or boots. Also, do not buy too tight or loose shoes. In the first case threatens calluses and pain in the legs, feet, the second will constantly tense.


Try all the shoes. In the room, looking for a variety of defects, ensure that the material leaves the skin. The tongue should be soft and flexible, have plastic products excluded. The daily pair must be sufficiently small and wide heel (no larger than 4 centimeters) so that the studs reaction particular case.

Seasonal shoes

Does not yet bought a pair matter what time of year, it must be made of natural materials. Perfect nubuck leather, suede, and textiles; you avoid buying imitation shoe leather not work, try but then choose, which would be a coating made of course wood. Please note that shoes made of natural materials tend to end up in the shape of the foot.

Summer is not recommended lacquered shoes, bad pass moisture, and air. The patent leather shoes you can go to a party, and every day is better to open sandals made of natural materials. For spring and autumn it is important that the shoes do not let the water and at the same time allows the foot to move. All shoes or boots fastened by a zipper, do not start too close to the foot or feet wet. (more…)

Quick Overview of All-Mountain Bike

We all know about various health benefits of mountain biking. Some of them are: losing or maintaining weight, increasing muscle strength, building stamina, improving the cardiovascular system and developing team work. So, no more waiting, let’s choose a suitable mountain bike to start the biking and reap these benefits. There are various types of best mtb under 1000 (you can visit mountainbikeez site for more information) but this article aims to introduce about one popular type only: the all-mountain bike.

This type of mountain bike is considered the jack of all trades as it can handle basically everything we can run into on a day of riding.
Specifically, it is designed for mountain climbing, allowing us to pedal uphill with ease and hitting the downhill hard. We can cycle on steep slopes very easily.
Due to this purpose, the all-mountain bike is heavier than a mountain bike. It comes with a stronger frame and sturdier suspension which soaks up the impacts on rough terrains to provide us with a much more comfortable ride.
An all-mountain bike is often marketed as a trail bike but they are in fact different. While both have full suspension, the former has a slacker geometry with longer front/rear travel and shorter top tube.


Vietnam tour packages review

There are so many tour packages going to Vietnam from different companies and agencies. Sometimes it

is not that easy to choose on which company or agency you will avail the package tour that you would like

to have for your holiday in Vietnam. Do you really need to think about those issues and concerns? Well, it

must be yes, because your tour should be one of the greatest days in your life. It is not always that people

are given a chance to go out of the country for a holiday. Some can’t afford to do that, but for those who

were lucky enough to come to Vietnam, then you have to enjoy it to the fullest.


When it comes to Vietnam tour package, you have a variety of offers to choose from. There are half day tours, 1-day tours, 4-6 days

tours, 7-9 days tours, 10-12 days tours, 13-15 days tours, 16-18 days tours and 19-21 days tours. Of

course, you are going to choose the ones that will fit your schedule. So, the number of days that you must

take from the tour packages must comply with how long you were given a chance to have a holiday.

Lucky for those who are touring for longer days because they have more time to explore different places

in Vietnam, but for those with a minimal time, then you just have to bear with it.

Other things that you must think about being the type of tours that your budget can afford. Is your money

that much or that tight? Anyway, you may choose from budget tours, luxury tours, group tours, private

tours, backpacker tours and a VIP tour. So, which one can you manage? That is one of the biggest

factors to consider. The money, the budget, the financial expenses that you will need to sort out before

and during the days of your stay in Vietnam. The money that you need to allot for your expenses will

depend on your program and events while in Vietnam.

Other options that you must think about are the day tours, vacation packages, cruise tour and the open

bus tours. You have to check the packages that will be convenient for your taste. These tour packages

will depend on where you would like to go and stay, and the things that you would like to see. Do you like

to go to beaches, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, islands, parks, museum and temples? It is not that

easy to choose, right? But your tour packages will depend on those places. The tourist destinations that

you prefer to visit will identify the tour packages that you will avail. (more…)

The older beginner guitars are not always the worst

It is obviously not an easy task to find out the best beginner guitar for the beginner users. Whenever a guitarist is specialized with his guitar and also knows which one will be the best for him, then the matter is quite different.

But if you are looking for the best beginner guitar for such person who is just going to step for the new musical world, then it’s a quite difficult situation indeed. In this case, you have to stay very careful that whether you will be able to find out the best one for him or not.

What are you looking for?

If you are looking for the best beginner guitar for yourself, then it would be the best if you own inquiry about it. There would definitely be the scope from where you got the interest and inspiration of buying a guitar.

If your friends got any new model or stylish and latest guitar, then you can ask them where is it available and what the price of it. You can also get the other info and features from them too. So that it would be very helpful to you for sure. Moreover, if you want, you can also have a trial of your friend’s too, if he let you do that.

However, if you don’t have the financial stability to purchase a brand new guitar, then you are also welcomed to buy the second hand guitar too. Because of having many reasons, some people have to sell their own guitar too. (more…)

Your score: The risky business of being a teen

Now that you have completed the questionnaire, you can begin scoring it. Each section is designed to provide you with a sub-score. Then sub-score can be plotted on the risk graph to help you assess your risk in each area. To score each section, simply add up the numbers after each of your selections. Then plot your total on the graph. In this test, a high score indicates you are doing many things to insure or improve your health. A low score says that you may be taking unnecessary risks and should consider altering those behaviors in which you scored zero or a one.


20 to 22 Excellent

This scores indicates you are aware of the importance of safety to your health and you are making excellent decisions to prevent accidents, injury, or accidental death. Keep it up!

16 to 19 OK

Although your safety practices are good, there is room for improvement. Look at the questions you scored low on and consider a way to score better. Buckle up!

12 to 15 Risky

You are taking some unnecessary risks with your life and perhaps the lives of others. Pick one that you scored low on and try to alter that behavior right away. Then pick another until you work your way out of this category.

11 or lower Dangerous

You have at least doubled your chances of becoming an accident statistic by the choices you are making. Take action now to alter the dangerous lifestyle you are selecting. Your choices indicate either an ignorance of safety practices or a false assumption that accidents only happen to other people.



21 to 23 Excellent

You should be proud of your eating habits. You are making excellent choices and show an understanding of the basics of good nutrition.

17 to 20 OK

Although some of your eating habits are sound, you may want to check your snacking habits, tendency to skip meals, or unsound weight loss practices. There is room for improvement.

13 to 16 Risky

Your diet is one that could lead to trouble in the future. You are making unwise choices that could contribute to weight problems and health problems. Look for the questions you scored low on and make changes now. (more…)

The risky business of being a teen

One of the joys of being a teen, people keep telling you, is being carefree. Sure, there are tests, homework, grades, decisions, responsibilities. Sure, there are troubles in the world outside, but chances are that for you, they are rather remote.

But being a teen is not without risks. Accident statistics, recent health studies, and probably–at some time or another–your own personal experience, have shown that the teen years can be hazardous. The way you drive a car, are a passenger in a car, the things you eat and drink, the way you feel about yourself, and your everyday habits have a direct effect on your safety and health, both now and for the years to come.

teen healthy

Current Health 2 has put together this teen health risk appraisal. Go through it and answer the questions honestly. Your teacher will be able to give you a score sheet and a copy of the risk graph so that you can plot your own scores. It may help you get an even better handle on your future!

How safe are you?

1. How often do you wear your seat belt when riding in or driving a car?

A. Always or almost always (3)

B. More than half the time (2)

C. Only occasionally (less than 50 percent of the time) (1)

D. I never wear it. (0)

2. Do you ever ride with a driver who is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, or drive under the influence yourself?

A. No, never (3)

B. Yes, but rarely (2)

C. Yes, sometimes (1)

D. Yes, often (0)

3. If you drive a car, how often do you exceed the speed limit by 10 mph or more?

A. I never drive or ride with someone exceeding the limit by more than 10 mph. (3)

B. I rarely drive or ride with someone exceeding the limit by more than 10 mph. (2)

C. I sometimes drive or ride with someone exceeding the limit by 10 mph or more. (1)

D. I often drive or ride with someone exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph or more. (0)


Top 10 cities make it easy for teens to stay healthy

By now you may be thinking, I don’t live in any of those great places. Does that mean I’m doomed to a life of iii health? Of course not.

Although you may not be able to directly control the air quality or the number of health clinics in your area, you can make healthful decisions no matter where you live. Find a form of exercise you enjoy, and do it regularly. Avoid drugs. Eat right, get enough sleep, and see a doctor if you’re not feeling well. In many ways, your health hinges on the individual choices you make every day. So, no matter where you live, choose to live healthfully.

And the Winners Are …

1 Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn.

The Twin Cities are among the least stressful in the country. Minneapolis is also considered the number-one place to get a good night’s sleep. Local folks watch the least amount of television; they’re too busy biking the area’s 50 miles of trails or boating on one of 22 local lakes.

Minessota St Paul

2 Honolulu, Hawaii

Named Americas Fittest City by Men’s Fitness magazine, Honolulu boasts clean air and a temperate climate, both of which encourage residents to spend time at the 485 local beaches and parks. The city’s movie theaters show ads that promote healthful living along with film previews.

3 Boston, Mass.

Close to 90 percent of Beantown’s residents earn a high school diploma. That’s significant because statistics indicate that people with higher education levels are generally healthier than those with less schooling. Boston also has low rates of stress, crime, and obesity.

4 San Francisco, Calif.

Tops on the list of vegetarian-friendly towns, the City by the Bay gets high marks overall. It is the only city rated as an all-around great place to walk, run, and bike. California has State laws regulating tobacco use and smoke-free air.