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Your score: The risky business of being a teen

Now that you have completed the questionnaire, you can begin scoring it. Each section is designed to provide you with a sub-score. Then sub-score can be plotted on the risk graph to help you assess your risk in each area. To score each section, simply add up the numbers after each of your selections. Then plot your total on the graph. In this test, a high score indicates you are doing many things to insure or improve your health. A low score says that you may be taking unnecessary risks and should consider altering those behaviors in which you scored zero or a one.


20 to 22 Excellent

This scores indicates you are aware of the importance of safety to your health and you are making excellent decisions to prevent accidents, injury, or accidental death. Keep it up!

16 to 19 OK

Although your safety practices are good, there is room for improvement. Look at the questions you scored low on and consider a way to score better. Buckle up!

12 to 15 Risky

You are taking some unnecessary risks with your life and perhaps the lives of others. Pick one that you scored low on and try to alter that behavior right away. Then pick another until you work your way out of this category.

11 or lower Dangerous

You have at least doubled your chances of becoming an accident statistic by the choices you are making. Take action now to alter the dangerous lifestyle you are selecting. Your choices indicate either an ignorance of safety practices or a false assumption that accidents only happen to other people.



21 to 23 Excellent

You should be proud of your eating habits. You are making excellent choices and show an understanding of the basics of good nutrition.

17 to 20 OK

Although some of your eating habits are sound, you may want to check your snacking habits, tendency to skip meals, or unsound weight loss practices. There is room for improvement.

13 to 16 Risky

Your diet is one that could lead to trouble in the future. You are making unwise choices that could contribute to weight problems and health problems. Look for the questions you scored low on and make changes now. (more…)

The risky business of being a teen

One of the joys of being a teen, people keep telling you, is being carefree. Sure, there are tests, homework, grades, decisions, responsibilities. Sure, there are troubles in the world outside, but chances are that for you, they are rather remote.

But being a teen is not without risks. Accident statistics, recent health studies, and probably–at some time or another–your own personal experience, have shown that the teen years can be hazardous. The way you drive a car, are a passenger in a car, the things you eat and drink, the way you feel about yourself, and your everyday habits have a direct effect on your safety and health, both now and for the years to come.

teen healthy

Current Health 2 has put together this teen health risk appraisal. Go through it and answer the questions honestly. Your teacher will be able to give you a score sheet and a copy of the risk graph so that you can plot your own scores. It may help you get an even better handle on your future!

How safe are you?

1. How often do you wear your seat belt when riding in or driving a car?

A. Always or almost always (3)

B. More than half the time (2)

C. Only occasionally (less than 50 percent of the time) (1)

D. I never wear it. (0)

2. Do you ever ride with a driver who is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, or drive under the influence yourself?

A. No, never (3)

B. Yes, but rarely (2)

C. Yes, sometimes (1)

D. Yes, often (0)

3. If you drive a car, how often do you exceed the speed limit by 10 mph or more?

A. I never drive or ride with someone exceeding the limit by more than 10 mph. (3)

B. I rarely drive or ride with someone exceeding the limit by more than 10 mph. (2)

C. I sometimes drive or ride with someone exceeding the limit by 10 mph or more. (1)

D. I often drive or ride with someone exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph or more. (0)