Four Tips to choose the right shoe

By | June 14, 2016

Major convenience

Often when buying shoes, we draw attention to the appearance, not mainly thinking about how easily will carry on. But poor quality shoes can bring a lot of trouble their hosts, and this applies not only to repair, but different diseases been. The main rules when buying clothes that part will not save and abandon the beautiful but comfortable shoes. There are also best shoes for plantar fasciitis for the best comfort.

Choosing a time to shop, it is not necessary morning kaizen.We all know that in the course of the day little-swollen feet, and acquisition in the morning, do not risk buying too tight shoes or boots. Also, do not buy too tight or loose shoes. In the first case threatens calluses and pain in the legs, feet, the second will constantly tense.


Try all the shoes. In the room, looking for a variety of defects, ensure that the material leaves the skin. The tongue should be soft and flexible, have plastic products excluded. The daily pair must be sufficiently small and wide heel (no larger than 4 centimeters) so that the studs reaction particular case.

Seasonal shoes

Does not yet bought a pair matter what time of year, it must be made of natural materials. Perfect nubuck leather, suede, and textiles; you avoid buying imitation shoe leather not work, try but then choose, which would be a coating made of course wood. Please note that shoes made of natural materials tend to end up in the shape of the foot.

Summer is not recommended lacquered shoes, bad pass moisture, and air. The patent leather shoes you can go to a party, and every day is better to open sandals made of natural materials. For spring and autumn it is important that the shoes do not let the water and at the same time allows the foot to move. All shoes or boots fastened by a zipper, do not start too close to the foot or feet wet.

Unlike summer shoes, boots may not need to try them on a tight sock. In winter, shoes or boots importantly. It should be sufficiently thick, with a particular profile anti- slip.Heel shoe, also should be the protector and rubber, not plastic or foot shall slide.

How to avoid becoming a victim of fashion

Every woman wants fashionable and attractive. The presence of all types and styles of shoes, of course, contribute to this, but only if they are wisely chosen. For shoes and sandals with high heels, legs visually longer and look neater than the apron but their firm decision is not good for the feet. By the way, the frequent wearing of platforms is also not conducive to safety, as has the risk of injury, can also lead to flat feet.

How to choose the shoes in the cold

The winter lasts more than three traditional for this time of year, month and includes a rigorous character. So as to, in these cold days, have perfectly warm feet and the other key features. Special attention in the choice of shoes in the cold should be given to the material.

1. Ideal material for winter shoes is leather. It fits the foot better, faster, in the shape of a foot, the heat well, and watertight. It will keep the leather shoes durable enough so that no one will winter duren. The only drawback this shoe is the high prijs.Vermijd synthetic leather, the material reacts badly to bitter cold and can crack, and he’s not the most remarkable heat-shielding properties.

2. A good material for the winter is a natural suede schoenen.Het protects your feet from the cold and is comfortable moisture. But in formulations of ice, the roads in the winter on the surface of the suede shoes unpleasant notice that the appearance of the shoe spoil sow. Suede will last more than one season, if you take good care, use cleaners stains, moisture protection and unique color sprays.

3. When choosing shoes for winter frost should know how to distinguish genuine leather from Leatherette. The most common way – check the smell is unlikely to work as processed fake quality fragrances with the scent of the skin. Cool to leather, leather – noticeable warmer. Sufficeparticular method of authentication material – pierce the surface of a blunt needle. Leather elastic, so it will produce not easy to puncture while imitation leather remains a small hole.

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